Video production

We take over the production of your video . From the first idea to the finished project. We produce according to your personal ideas and your individual wishes.


We offer 8 different video formats to choose from, or let one of our professionals choose the best video format for your purpose.

If the choice is made, discuss your wishes with us personally or let us develop the concept for your video .


You are on site during the shoot and can follow exactly how your project is implemented.


Then we take over the post-processing of your video. If something does not meet your requirements, we will adapt the project to your ideas afterwards .


If desired, we can also publish your video on the desired social media channels and work with you to create another concept for the perfect website.

Video formats

  • Image film

  • Commercial

  • Event / exhibition film

  • interview

  • Music video

  • Short film

  • Theatrical recording

  • Aerial photography

  • Implementation as a real shoot

  • unlimited feedback loops

  • Production time about a week

  • Price agreement in advance

Apply now for a non-binding offer free of charge .

What steps do we take during production?

  • Concept creation

  • Film

  • Post-processing (including editing, color grading, sound design)